Wednesday, March 9, 2011

S&W Lesson on 10 March 2011

Things to do:
Track and Field Evaluation
1. The person being assessed will decide which clip he want to be uploaded and will be responsible for it. Make your video interesting (eg. insert music, subtitles etc.) and slow motion is preferred. For the few who had uploaded, you may want to improve on it.

2. For the person who is evaluating, state your name, refer to the checklist (had been posted on the S&W Google site) and post your evaluation in the comments section.

3. Comments should be in pros and not in point form. Your comments should touch on the checklist ie. what was done correctly or wrongly and if wrong, what should be the correct way.

4. You may want to comment on others.

Nike+ Sports Challenge
1. Complete the survey
2. Key in whatever run you had done but was unable to submit due to the error in the Google form.

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